Created in 2013 by the French author, composer and performer Mickaël Pillisio, Ossayol is a melancholic Indie-Folk musical project, usually composed of a guitar / voice accompanied by a violin most of the time. The strange name attached to this project was invented by his grandfather, it means « meat trash ».


The first EP 4 tracks « One half of me » was recorded in 2014 with the participation of the violinist Solene, shortly after, he meet the young producer Leo Nivot « NO MAN’S LAND RECORDS » with whom he will work on recording several songs. A single: « Happy in my shoes » in 2015, followed by: « I’m not the good one «  in 2016 accompanied with a music video directed by an American filmmaker. Same year, the single « Ego » accompanied by the violinist Celine from the band « ZATO ». And summer 2017, the recording of an EP 4 tracks « No one else », only guitar / vocals simultaneously recorded.